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    Lighting up the world... One candle at a time!


    Wondering where our company name came from.......well isn't it obvious?  


    I wouldn't start my own candle company unless I was completely and utterly obsessed with candles, right? Makes sense.  Before my fun little hobby turned into a business, I would spend a ton of my hard-earned money on store-bought candles.  I have always been fascinated by perfumes, lotions, candles, anything and everything that smelled good.  I even considered becoming a perfumer because I was so intrigued by scents.  I love how a specific scent can envoke so much emotion and memory.  The idea that smelling something can trigger a specific memory and take you to another time is really quite incredible.  I wanted to delve deeper into this and leave my own mark on something I was passionate about. 

    What I did not realize was just how many chemicals and additives store-bought candles contained. 

     A close friend of mine who is a complete health freak told me to only burn soy, as they are vegetable based and all-natural.  I did not even know at that time the difference between all the waxes. I figured wax is wax. After purchasing a few soy candles, not only did my headaches stop, but I noticed how much longer the candles lasted!

    Unfortunately, most soy candles aren't very cheap.....so I decided to put matters into my own hands and make my own! I was looking for a new hobby at the time and figured this would be perfect!  Not only would I be saving money by making my own, but I would know exactly what's in each candle. 

    As I started making them, my friends and family soon began asking me to make them candles as well, and slowly but surely word spread about my candles.

    My little hobby slowly turned into a small business organically through word of mouth and social media.  Long story short (or not), that is how I am where I am today. I really and truly hope all my customers love my candles. We always appreciate any and all feedback. If you ever have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email. We love hearing from you guys! Thank you and have a beautiful day!

    Thanks for checking us out! 

    - Assia Vanian (Founder & CEO)

    IG: Cream_candle_co