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    A Bit About Us

    All of our candles are made by hand using 100% soy wax, fine fragrance oil, cotton wicks, and of course, a lot of love.

    Here at Cream Candle Co. we believe that the right candle can always make the biggest difference in all cases. Whether it compliments a room as a decoration piece, warms a room with its fragrance, or sets a romantic mood, you really can't go wrong with lighting a candle. Our candles also make a great gift idea for just about anyone you can think of, especially yourself. So, go ahead and treat yourself :)

    Originally, our candle company began as a fun little hobby that quickly developed into something more serious over a short period of time. It's amazing how word of mouth quickly spreads when you believe in your product and love what you create. That is why we take great pride in our work and we firmly believe in making our candles only from the highest quality ingredients.  We are positive you will love each and every candle, from the lighting of the wick, to the last burn.